Accident or Miracle?

Could the fine-tuning of the universe be attributed to chance? After all, odds-makers know that even long shots can eventually win at the racetrack. And, against heavy odds, lotteries are eventually won by someone. So, what are the odds against human life existing by chance from a random explosion in cosmic history? [Read more…]

Is Fine Tuning Evidence of a Creator?

Last time, we looked at the astronomical odds of the fine tuning necessary for life to exist on Earth, and explored six of over 35 different characteristics of fine tuning that exist in our universe. So is it just our universe that displays this precise fine tuning? Or is it also evident in our galaxy and solar system? Could natural processes accidentally have made something so uniquely tailored to support life? Or does all this precision point to a Creator? [Read more…]

Why Is Only Earth Suitable for Life?

Scientists have learned that only an exceptionally fine-tuned planet like Earth has the necessary ingredients to harbor life. Additionally, our solar system and galaxy, as well as our entire universe, appear designed to support intelligent life.


The odds that such fine-tuning could have occurred by chance is not just unlikely–scientists say it is virtually impossible. [Read more…]