Why Do Christians Believe that Jesus Is the Only Way to God?

At times, people take offense to the claim of Christians that Jesus is the only way to God. Popular teaching in the world today declares that “all roads lead to God,” and Christianity is merely one way.  So when Christians make this claim, they are often labeled hateful or exclusionary.  Why don’t Christians affirm these other roads to God?

There are three basic reasons why Christians believe Jesus is the only way to God:

1.     Jesus claimed to be the only way. Jesus told his followers, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.”

2.     Jesus is the only person to conquer death. Jesus’ resurrection substantiates all his other claims. By rising from the dead, he proved that his claim to be the only way to God is true. The evidence for Jesus’ resurrection is compelling (see http://y-jesus.com/wwrj/6-jesus-rise-dead).

3.     Jesus is the only person who provides a solution for our sin problem. God hates sin, and as a perfect judge, demands that our sins be punished. But since God loves us, he paid the penalty himself by sending Jesus to die in our place. Since Jesus never sinned, he alone is the perfect sacrifice. No other person or religious leader ever lived a perfect life. Only Jesus is qualified to bring us to God.

Many other religions have good moral or ethical teachings, but they don’t offer answers to mans’ sin problem. When the Jewish religious leaders refused to accept Jesus as the only way to God, Peter answered them:

In no one else can salvation be found. For in all the world no other name has been given to men but this, and it is by this name that we must be saved!  (Acts 4:12, J. B. Phillips)

For further reading we recommend “Is Jesus the Only Way to God?” at: http://y-jesus.com/more/jow-jesus-only-way.