Evidence for the truth about Jesus

Why Did Jewish Leaders Reject Jesus?

Since Jesus fulfilled so many of these prophecies, Bernis wondered why the vast majority of Israel’s leadership wouldn’t have been able to recognize him as the Messiah.

However, as he read the gospel accounts, he realized that Jesus fulfilled messianic prophecies in ways that no one was expecting. Israel was looking for another Moses who would deliver them from the oppression of Rome.

Yet, instead of conquering Rome, Jesus captured the hearts of people with his love and message of forgiveness. Instead of promoting himself, he brought glory to God by his words and deeds of compassion. Instead of wielding power, he exemplified humility and servitude. Instead of teaching legalistic rules about outward appearance, Jesus offered us a relationship with God by transforming hearts.

Jesus spoke of himself as a savior rather than a conqueror, stating that he must suffer and die for our sins. He told his follower Zacchaeus,

“I came to seek and save those who are lost.”[20]