About Us

Y-Jesus.com is a website of JesusOnline.

General Editor: Larry Chapman

Co-authors: Larry Chapman, Rick James, Eric Stanford

Web Director: Helmut Teichert

Larry Chapman is the General Editor and co-author of Y-Jesus magazine and the editorial comments within the website. Dr. Bill Bright and Dr. Henry Brandt, PhD, were instrumental in the development of Y-Jesus and Y-Origins magazines. The magazines were then produced in cooperation with Bright Media Foundation.

Y-Jesus Purpose:

Y-Jesus attempts to present the evidence for Jesus’ identity with an even-handed approach. Who did Jesus really claim to be? Is the resurrection merely a Sunday school story without evidence? Has the New Testament account of Jesus been rewritten by conspirators? Is The Da Vinci Code right when it asserts that we have been duped?

Y-Jesus asks the tough questions about Jesus Christ. This somewhat skeptical approach may threaten some believers who have never dealt with these issues. Yet, these questions about Jesus are the hottest topic in the national media. Francis Schaeffer stated that for faith to have conviction of the whole person, it must be based upon the mind as well as the heart.

Therefore, it is the purpose of Y-Jesus to think through the tough questions about “Who is the Real Jesus,” and then look carefully at the evidence. What convinced the disciples? Why were they and the early Christians willing to die for what they believed? How did we get the New Testament, and could the message have been rewritten?

The research behind the Y-Jesus articles is extensive. Viewpoints from dozens of leading scholars are presented here. Dr. Ron Heine, PhD, and professor of early New Testament history, was consulted regarding much of the information presented in articles 3 and 4. We have also included the evidence that persuaded several skeptics that Jesus Christ is who he claimed to be.

The Y-Jesus website draws its information from the Y-Jesus magazine, a 100 page single-edition summary of the evidences for Jesus Christ.

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